Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Australian climate minister arrives in Danish capital

by Ben O’Halloran
AUSTRALIAN Climate Change Minister Penny Wong has arrived in Copenhagen to take part in negotiations over a new global climate treaty.
Wong left Australia yesterday, leaving in her wake a defeated ETS, emissions trading scheme, and a Liberal party in turmoil.
With no ETS, many believe Australia has lost any chance of playing a leading role at COP15.
Left to defend the loss of the ETS in the Senate, Wong suggests Australia will still go to Copenhagen with an ambitious emissions cut of up to 25 per cent.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has committed the Government to an emissions target of between five and 15 per cent.
The Opposition removed former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull over his support for Rudd’s amended ETS.
The new leader Tony Abbott has challenged Mr Rudd to a debate on the integrity of the science on which the ETS is based.
Mr Rudd has refused.
The Australian delegation also includes Australia’s new climate change department secretary, Martin Parkinson, deputy secretary and special envoy on climate change Howard Bamsey and ambassador for climate change, Louise Hand.
Mr Rudd is expected to arrive in Copenhagen next week.

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